List Of Historical Figures (not Wiki linked) (M-R)
(in a gang)
Maddox, Greg - Gambler.
Manuse, Joe - Sim Jans Gang.
Marr, Sam - Ketchum Gang.
Masterson, "Massey" - Daly Gang.
Mathews, Billy - Rode with Sheriff William Brady during Lincoln County Wars. At one point he, Brady and three others are ambushed by Billy The Kids Gang.
McCoy, Aurthur
- James-Younger Gang. Robberies in Russelville, Gads Hill, and Hot Springs.
McDaniels, William "Bud"
- James-Younger Gang. Friend of James brothers. Kansas robbery. Escaped jail and killed by a farmer.
McDowell, Johnny - Daly Gang.
McGuire, Andy
- James-Younger Gang. Rode with Quantrill. Richmond robbery.
McKinney, Frank - Co-leader of Sim Jan Gang.
McLain, M.F. -
Dodge City Peace Comission.
McLaury, Frank - Brother tof Tom Mclaury. Opposed Earps at O.K. Corral.

McMasters, Sherman - Outlaw, Texas Ranger, lawman and friend of Earp and Holliday. After joing with Clanton faction as an outlaw for a time, he eventually helped Earp and even rode along side of hime during the two week Earp vendetta ride. Not much is known what happens to him after leaving Az. at this time with Earp.
Meeks, Bob - Cassidy's Wild Bunch.
Monkus, Red - James-Younger Gang. Robs C.C.S. Assoc., Liberty Missouri.
Moore, William "Outlaw Bill" - Roaming Oklahoma's "no mans land", he was a cattle rustler, and killer with a bounty on his head.
Murphy, Jim - Sam Bass Gang. Set up the Sam Bass Gang to the Texas Rangers in Round Rock Texas bank robbery leading to Sam Bass's death.
Nixon, Tom - Sam Bass Gang.
O'Kelly, Ed - James-Younger Gang. Kills Bob Ford for killing Jesse James (allegedly as Jesse stood on a chair with his back to Ford straightening a picture on the wall).
O'Rourke, John - AKA Michael O'Rourke, AKA "Johnny Behind The Deuce". Young gambler and gunslinger who killed a miner who caught him stealing his pack. Earp would save him from an angry miner's mob, and transport him to a jail in Tucson, where he escaped. A year later he was accused of being a cheat and murderer, while gambling, and was gunned down.
One Horse Charlie - Befriended Shoshone. Ex-slave named by Shoshone for always having the same horse when they saw him.
Owens, Joe - Alvardo-Stiles Gang.
Owens, Owen - Alvardo-Stiles Gang.

Parmer, Allen - James-Younger Gang. Richmond robbery, Liberty Missouri. Marries James brothers sister Susan James.
Parrot, George - AKA: "Big Nosed George".
Pence, Bud
- James-Younger Gang. Served under Quantrill. Robbed C.C.S. Assoc., Liberty Missouri.
Pence, Donny - James-Younger Gang. Served under Quantrill. Robbed C.C.S. Assoc., Liberty Missouri.
Peppin, George - Rode with Sheriff William Brady during Lincoln County Wars. At one point he, Brady and three others are ambushed by Billy The Kids Gang.
Perry, Joab
- James-Younger Gang. Served under Quantrill. Robs Otterville train. Killed in a shoot out during Northfield Raid.
Petillon, W.F. - Dodge City Peace Comission.
Pierce, Charlie
- Wild Bunch.
Pinkerton, William - Son of Allen Pinkerton. Known to have hunted down many robbers and outlaws who were attacking the railroads at the time. Among those hunted down were Butch Cassidys Wild Bunch.
Pitts, Charlie
- James-Younger Gang.
Powers, Bill
- Wild Bunch.
Raidler, William F. "Little Bill" - Wild Bunch.
Rames, Lee
- Cullen Baker Gang.
Rames, Seth
- Cullen Baker Gang.
Reed, Jim - Sim Jans Gang. Outlaw, fathered a daughter with Belle Starr. Associated with  James/Youngers.
Reno, Clinton - Reno Gang.
Reno, Frank - Reno Gang.
Reno, John - Reno Gang.
Reno , Simeon - Reno Gang.
Reno,William - Reno Gang.
Riley, Jim - 18 year old with t.b. credited with "Newtons Massacre" where he alledgedly blazed away erratically in a fight but ended up wiping out  quite a few people.
Rollins, Bill - Cardsharp.
Ryan, Bill - James-Younger Gang. AKA: Tom Hill. Robs Mammoth Cave, Glendale, Muscle Shoals, and Northfield.