List Of Historical Figures (not Wiki linked) (G-L)
(in a gang)
Gird, Richard - Fellow miner and prospector partner with Schieffelin brothers Al and Ed  giving birth to Tombstone.
Gregg, Frank - James-Younger Gang. Served under Quantrill. Robs C.C.S. Assoc. Liberty Missouri.
Griego, Francisco "Pancho" - Uncle of Cruz Vega who was lynched on a telegraph pole by a mob, allegedly led by Robert Clay Allison, for the murder of a Methodist circuit rider during the Lincoln County Wars. Griego and several family members confronted Allison at the Lambert Inn where an argument ensued. Griego drew, Allison drew faster and shot him twice, dead.
Hanks, Camila - Cassidy's Wild Bunch.
Hanks, "Deaf" Charlie - Cassidy's Wild Bunch. Killed by Pinks.
Harris, William H. - Dodge City Peace Commission.
Harrison, Charlie - St. Louis gambler and gunfighter. Dies a week after a showdown with Jim Levy in 1877.
Haw, Tommy - "Chinese Cowboy". Had a ranch in S. Butte.
Hays, Bob - "High Fives" Gang.
Heath, John - Leader of a gang that murdered citizens of Bisbee in a botched store robbery. He was dragged from the Tombstone jail and hanged by an angry Bisbee mob. Coroner's official cause of death "emphasyma of the lungs".
Heffridge, Bill - Sam Bass Gang.
Hindman, John
Rode with Sheriff William Brady during Lincoln County Wars. At one point he, Brady and three others are ambushed by Billy The Kids Gang.
Hite, Clarence - James-Younger Gang. Robs Blue Cut, Winston Train. Gets 25 yrs for Winston and dies in prison of t.b.
Jackson, Frank - Sam Bass Gang. Rescued a mortally wounded Sam Bass at Round Rock Texas bank robbery (set up ambush by fellow gang member Jim Murphy for immunity with Texas Ranges).
Jan, Sim
- Leader of the Sim Jan Gang.
Jarrette, John - James-Younger Gang. Was Frank James commander in the war during 1862. Marries Cole Youngers Sister (?).
Johnson, Dan - Ketchum Gang.
Johnson, Jerimiah - Out of revenge, he killed many Crow Indians. Legends arose such as his appetite for eating the livers of his victims.
Jones, "Arkasas Tom"
- Wild Bunch.
Jones, Payne - James-Younger Gang. Rode with Quantrill. Richmond robbery. Killed a posse member. Died violently.
Jordan, Kirk - Gunfighter who confronts Brooks. Brooks "Buffalo Bill" backs down and leaves town.
Joyce, Milton - Owner of the #10 Saloon in Tombstone Az.
July, Maoma
- Rufus Buck Gang.
Kee, Quong - Owner of the Can Can Restaurant located in Tombstone Arizona. Kee served miners gamblers lawmen and outlaws Chinese and American foods. Considered the most popular restaurant in the Arizona Territory.
Kerry, Hobbs - James-Younger Gang. Otterville train robbery. Got caught, and gave names.
Ketchum, Sam - Ketchum Gang.
Kinney, Nate - Ex-Union soldier settles in southern Missouri. Head of the Baldknobbers.
Kirby, "Dummy"-
Cullen Baker Gang.
Ledbetter, Bud - One of the lawmen that brings down The Dalton Gang.
Levy, Jim - AKA "Jewish Cowboy". Kills Charlie Harrison in a showdown. Is ambushed and killed the night before another showdown with John Murphy, a Pharo dealer, by John Murphy and two cohorts. It is thought that Levy survived 16 gunfights.
Liddil, Dick
- James-Younger Gang. Robs Glendale 79' and 81, Winston. Had a rivalry with Wood Hite, who, with Bob Ford, he would later kill over Martha Bolton. Afraid of Jesse James he turns himself in and turns states evidence against Frank James
Logan, Lonny - Brother to outlaw Harvey Logan. Rode with Ketchum and brother for a time before joined Hole In The Wall Gang.
Lola & Lotta -
Long, John - Deputy sheriff to Sheriff William Brady during Lincoln County Wars. At one point he, Brady and three others are ambushed by Billy The Kids Gang.
Loving, Frank "Cock-Eyed" - Gambler in Dodge City. Shot Levi Richardson in the Long Brach Saloon when Richardson entered the saloon drawing his guns in an apparent dispute over Loving's wife. After leaving his wife and kids in Dodge, he ends up eventually in Trinidad Col. where he was shot dead in a debt dispute with John Allen. Allen was a gambling aquaintence of Loving from Dodge City.
Lowe, "Rowdy Joe" Joseph -
Sam Bass Gang. Gunned down Edward Beard as he drunkenly chased his saloon girl into Joe's saloon next door (blazin away his guns hitting bystanders in there). Then rode some with Sam Bass Gang. Drunk, he was gunned down by ex-policeman E.A. Kimmel after both had learned of each others  former occupations (Kimmel already knowing). Unarmed, Loving was hit five times and died.